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About GG Tokyo

GG Tokyo is a buzzing cocktail bar drawing inspiration from the Golden Gai district in Tokyo. Taking cues from this bustling food and drink hub, GG’s offers a lively backdrop to settle in, grab a drink, and enjoy Japanese-influenced fare.


 A cultural hub in the heart of Nomad producing World Class events. Allow our onsite special events team to produce your next memorable experience.

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Art & Culture

Curated custom art installations and murals displayed prominently throughout. 

A piece titled “Sake Seas'' was created by Detroit-based neon glass artist Kate Hush and depicts a mermaid filling a sake cup from a tokkuri vessel; the name tokkuri is said to come from the sound of pouring sake “tokku, tokku”. Hush utilitized vibrant colors to give life into the piece and the space. The mermaid hangs above the lounge, inviting the welcome cocktail as you dive into your GG experience.

behind the bar in a small nook, you will find a brass sculpture from artist Zoe Schwartz titled “body a(R)mor III''. the piece, reminiscent of the female form,  is illuminated from above to shine light on the incredible details that live within.

Artist Daniel Dugan painted a mural using his famous “one continuous line” technique. the line travels from the edge of the restaurant to the entrance, bending and swelling to mimic the changing course of a river. while the piece is a single black stroke, a gold outline playfully dances around and across the stroke, creating an almost ribbon-like effect.

Finally, artist Isamu Noguchi’s sculptural lighting pieces were chosen for the warm glow and beauty they bring to the space.


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